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Hi, I’m David Stowers.

As a passionate marketer I've managed to condense what some say is the equivalent of several life-times worth of experiences into 30 years. I've been described in business as a "Swiss army knife" and I've consulted 100's of businesses developing winning marketing plans.

My career highlights include dozens of national and international marketing campaigns, I've built and sold a handful of businesses and worked extensively with Asian and UK companies. My heart also extends to local charity where I serve on the board of Exodus Place, a transition shelter for the homeless.


Many of my clients have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their business after implementing my strategies so if your looking to grow your business, I can probably help.

Contact me via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, this website or carrier pigeon.

Career Highlights

  • 100's of Successful Marketing Campaigns
  • 10M+ QVC Shopping Sales
  • 50M TV infomercials Sales
  • Founder Netpenny
  • UK & Asian Marketing Projects
  • Johnson Center board member governance certification

Who I’ve Worked With

QVC Walmart Chef Tony Ideal World

What Others Are Saying

David, I so enjoyed working with you on those infomercials. Your knowledge and experience always made the shoots smooth!

- Susan Williams
Ignite Media Solutions
Tampa, Florida

David is a passionate marketer with amazing insight and has one of those get it done attitudes. I love working with him any chance I get.

- Brad Doyle
CEO, 212 Degree Training & Amway Diamond
Las Vegas, Nevada

David really knows his marketing! He has a great ability to see the big picture and really put together a solid plan. His ability to blend together the old school world of 'offline' marketing in radio, tv, print with the new world tactics of the internet coupled with his attention to detail is top notch stuff!

- Brent Case
President, Online Sales Partners LLC
Grand Rapids, Michigan

David Stowers is the whole package--both creative and pragmatic. I have worked with him and watch what he's done. His work is solid gold--tempered by a couple of decades of on-the-ground experience.

- Jacob Nordby
President - North City Mortgage
Boise, Idaho

David is honestly one of the smartest marketers I have ever seen.

- Robert Morse
President, Creative Products Inc
Allendale Michigan

I enjoyed working with David and the information he provided our business was invaluable. He is a true resource of information.

- Darla Phillips
President, Look Marketing

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FREE Custom Marketing Blueprint

I believe that a great client relationship is about "chemistry and interaction". There is no charge for this custom blueprint and no catch. If you enjoy our conversation and get value from what we create we can discuss working together long term but this is NOT a 'Sales Pitch In Disguise'. Far from it and you'll get no pressure to become a client because I let the value of the free work speak for itself.

Here's How I Work

Typically I'll begin researching your online presence, competition and target audience before we ever meet. Then we meet in person or via video conference and discuss your company, your sales process, sales goals and current prospect-to-client conversion journey. From there we'll create a marketing blueprint and outline detailed action steps that will be absolutely transformational to your business...yours to keep and use for free.

"In my 30 plus years of working with businesses of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies, David is the smartest marketing person I have ever met. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and watch him work his marketing magic as we grew by literally 2800% after implementing some of his ideas."

- Richard Maring, President, Tribinium Corporation

Recent Projects

It's my pleasure to be working with companies like Pro Trainings, Hot Logic and MWR Life. Pro Trainings is a pioneer in online education and probably one of the best if not thee best health and safety training companies in the world. Hot Logic is going to revolutionize the way the world cooks using patented heating technology and MWR Life is a company that sells essential services that all of us need and use every day using direct selling as their marketing model.

Pro Trainings

Hot Logic

MWR Life

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